Relationship Relevant Marketing Episode 4: Digital Sociology and Psychology

December 9, 2016

The digital era has produced a significant change in human behavior.  The study of that behavioral change is the focus of the science of digital sociology.  As entrepreneurs and online business people, it is important to understand that the six basic human needs are alive and well in the digital world.

Digital psychology in this context is defined as understanding behavior activation.  In other words, what must you do to activate a desired behavior in the digital environment?


Relationship Relevant Marketing Episode 3: Staying in the Funnel

December 6, 2016

Once you've gotten into the "Experience Funnel," you need to figure out how to stay there.  You do this by recognizing that there are three categories of relevance, and then you weave a story together that connects those categories in an ongoing dialog of life and value.

In addition, you must realize that the average person with a smartphone (the fastest growing segment of the E commerce segment) engages with their smartphone 150 times each day for approximately 70 seconds an engagement.  That statistic speaks volumes to how you should structure your marketing messages.


Relationship Relevant Marketing Episode 2 What Is Relevant?

November 30, 2016

It's just not about selling any longer.  Digital relationships of relevance are the key now.

What is relevant to your prospects is simple that which they value most, or that which is on the top of the minds most often.  In order to get through the top of the experience funnel, you will need to content that is relevant to them.  In today's attention economy, people only pay attention to content that is: a. essential; b. beneficial; c. useful.  If you don't fit into one of those three categories, you'll not get into their world.

There are three different orders of relevance, and it's your job to weave a plan that incorporates all three orders of relevance.

Your objective is to create an on-going relationship build on experiences and engagements that are valuable and relevant to your prospect, customer, audience, etc.



Relationship Relevant Marketing Episode 1: Overview

November 29, 2016

There is a new paradigm of marketing unfolding in the global online marketplace, one that demands a new approach to marketing.  Relationship Relevant Marketing (RRM) flips the marketing process upside down!


The New Wave of Commerce

September 21, 2016