Relationship Relevant Marketing Episode 6: Digital Psychology of Decisions

December 26, 2016

Digital psychology of decisions is an important topic to understand for one simple reason: your customers, clients, and/or prospects are making decisions each and every minute as to whether you will be allowed to stay in their world.

There are some critical influential variables that play to the subconscious programming of your target market.  These variables are important because many decisions in the digital world are made rapidly (within just a few seconds), and are based almost entirely on subconscious programming.

Another critical consideration is consistency.  You've got to stay in front of your customer, get them to make a series of micro-decisions, and train them to look forward to your content and experiences.  If you can't get your share of their attention budget, someone else will!

In the digital world, relationships are made very quickly.  These relationships, however, are not all that strong.  They are at best functional: but functional is a good place to start.  From a functional relationship we can build loyalty and dedication.