Relationship Relevant Marketing Episode 5: Inside the Funnel

December 14, 2016

Inside the experience funnel is where you create the experience flow that leads to the End Game Objective (EGO).  That "experience flow" is a process designed to develop rapport, relationship, and trust.  It is about becoming part of the sphere of existence that the target market lives on a day to day basis.

The experience flow consists of content created around the three degrees of relevance:

  • First order relevance: Your product (goods, services, leadership, ...) is directly relevant to that which they value the most, solves their most pressing problem, etc., and your content reflects this.
  • Second order relevance: The mechanism of your product that delivers the desired result is described in form, fit, function, etc., but not directly associated with your product.  Rather, it is described in a manner that creates the expectation of value.  This content is valuable in accessing their belief system.
  • Third order relevance: There is no connection at all between the content and your product.  This is lifestyle stuff.  The intent is simply to relate on a human level, human to human, and leave the marketing and sales elements out of the dialog.